At Grandavaur Inc. what may be perceived as challenges and problems are viewed as opportunities to make progress and find solutions. We come together as a team and get the job done. We accomplish this by listening to our customers and using practical industry standards.

Our company prioritizes customers' needs, actively foster a culture of inclusion and execution, listens to the customer, and implements solutions based on customers' requirements. We are motivated and persistent in the pursuit of our customer's success.

We offer services that are of high quality, and cost-effective.


Cloud Services Administration

Program and configure applications to use AWS cloud platform services. Convert on-premises application assets to cloud infrastructure compatibility using Puppet, Packer, and Terraform.

DevOps and CI/CD for Customer Agility

Deployment of CI/CD pipeline and automating the processes using Jenkins, Git, Atlassian suite, SonarQube, and Blackduck to add rigor to build processes via code and vulnerability scanning.

Database Interaction and Administration

Conduct administration and integration of databases with software systems Postgres, MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle. Write queries to enable exploration, import and export of data integrity and improve the efficiency access of the database.

Software Development

Engineer applications using the latest frameworks and technologies: Spring, Nodejs, Angular, React, Java. Design intuitive user interfaces that are 508 compliant.

Operations and Maintenance

Perform operations and maintenance of software that is in on-premises or cloud environments including Linux system administration and Windows Active Directory administration. Automate scheduled tasks using bash and PowerShell scripting to provide timely incident responses.

Blockchain and Web3

Create solutions to revolutionize the private and public decentralized networks that are being built to be where security on transactions is transparent.

Our company provides:

Experienced engineers

Technical implementation of solutions

Principle design & best practices

Effective managements