When it comes to cloud platforms our engineering staff are experts with Amazon's AWS offerings. Using Puppet, Packer and Terraform we are able to create, transition, administer, and secure customers' cloud infrastructure according to their specifications. We re-architect and re-factor on-premises application code to be compatible with AWS services and integrate them so they can be hosted in the AWS cloud platform. Simultaneously, we operate and maintain multiple existing systems that are on-premises or in cloud environments. Grandavaur Inc. personnel provide administration, error identification, root cause analysis, log inspection and troubleshooting, performance analysis, coding and deployment of bug fixes, database design and performance tuning services for these systems.

Problem Solving

In order to keep customers and projects as agile as possible, applying the latest methodologies of computer science, system design and software engineering have become our standard practice where applicable. We develop technical solutions, adaptive maintenance plans, design microservices architectures with server-side programming frameworks, and create intuitive front-end user interfaces with technologies such as Angular, React, and Bootstrap.


At Grandavaur Inc., our engineering staff are not only experts in IT fields, we are also service veterans with years of leadership experience. We apply our leadership experience in the execution of modernization efforts that streamline customers' project portfolios, reduce maintenance costs, increase control and provide better visibility into their mission's operations.